The newly formed Executive Committee of the Socialism, Capitalism, and Democracy Research Committee (49) of the International Political Science Association invites paper proposals for the next IPSA World Congress, to be held in Lisbon, Portugal (July 25-29, 2020). Please consider submitting a proposal to one of our two "open" panels:

  1. Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Social Injustice:
    1. Historical transformation of capitalism through its various forms
    2. Country-specific and regional varieties of capitalism
    3. Democracy in capitalism, with particular reference to populism, race, gender, and class
    4. Historical transformation of socialism in capitalist and/or post-colonial societies
    5. Capitalism and transnational processes: migration, transnational corporations, climate change etc
    6. Capitalism and global governance: human rights, international organizations
  2. Alternative social and economic strategies and imaginaries:
    1. Socialism, progressive parties and social movements
    2. Beyond financialization, privatization and precarity
    3. The future of work
    4. Basic income
    5. Anti-capitalist politics and theory
    6. Power, resistance and new actors along with technology and innovation

Regardless of thematic focus, we welcome submissions from a range of social scientific and philosophical approaches, including work that is mainly normative or mainly empirical.

Please follow this link to submit a proposal: