The IPSA Rearch Committee on Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy will hold its next Annual Conference at Webster University in Vienna 18-20 June 2010.

Call for papers
The current world economic crisis has cast a shadow on the hitherto triumphant ideology of capitalist globalization through an unfettered free market. Simultaneously, the upsurge of socialist governments, particularly in Latin America, and the attempts of those governments to transform social relations, together with the global spreads of movements of resistance, have rekindled hopes that another world is truly possible. The RC 49 2010 Annual Conference will focus on these paired developments. We invite papers on all relevant topics. In particular, we hope to see papers on the themes listed below. The list is meant to be suggestive, not exclusive. Other topics are welcome.

  • The causes of the crisis
  • The reaction to the crisis by popular movements and the left
  • The causes of the socialist upsurge
  • The record in office of one or more socialist governments
  • The implications of these developments for political theory

Paper proposals should be sent to the conference organizer. Preference will be given to paper proposals received before 15 February 2010.

Conference organizer
John C. Berg
Department of Government
Suffolk University
Boston MA 02108, USA
Fax: +1-617-367-4623

For practical information see attachment